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Mentorship! Limited number of Mentees i will take on.. You get 3 total Private 2 hours classes (6 Hours total sometimes 8 or 9), Then a Private Live Trading Session. We may have more than one trading session or even spend more time on classes depending on your consort rate and Profitability, Plus constant contact afterwords As well as free lifetime entry into the Breakout Trading Group, Live stream Texts alerts, Chatroom, The whole Shabang! http://bit.ly/BreakoutClasses3 We will go over;

1-Setting up your Day Trading as a Business “Your Money is your inventory a store without it cant make money”

2- The winners mindset and its powe

3- Technical Analysis 101 Baiscs

4 Technical analysis of a hedge fund Pivot Points, Price Channels Bollinger bands

5- Fundamental Trading (Technical vs Fundamental)

6 -Picking Stock at a 90% win rate (Its done everyday) Strict Technical Analysis is key

7- Swing trading and its relations to the MA Envelopes

8- Real Scalping

9- Shorting

10 Dealing with losses. The 5 types of losses easily avoidable

11 – Intro To Options, One legged, Straddles, And strategies so easy you will say “wow and thats it?” I’ve heard it a million time!!!

Sign up at the reduced price…. After the three classes we will trade live together one day through a streaming service just the two of us. If i think you need a little more training i will work with you some more and we will try trading live again until you feel comfortable and are profitable! That’s Free of Charge! Also Get a 14,000 funded account if your interested for only 100 dollars extra (conditions apply, It must be your first time buying an account with the brokerage suggested). Here is the Total Price without the account add on http://bit.ly/BreakoutClasses3

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